Facial Paralysis Treatment Center

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Facial Paralysis Center

"Extremely, knowledgeable and empathetic staff. Would highly recommend to anyone suffering with facial paralysis."

Facial nerve damage or paralysis is a devastating condition and can interfere with eating, speaking, facial movement, and the ability to express emotion.  Many people avoid going out in public, causing individuals to isolate, and feel like they are suffering alone. Individuals and providers often feel frustrated looking for help and find knowledge of these conditions and  treatment options to be limited.

Why choose us?

The Facial Paralysis Treatment Center has been helping individuals through their facial paralysis recoveries for over 10 years.  Our clinic brings together the expertise of physicians, a facial and plastic reconstructive surgeon, and a speech-language pathologist, for a collaborative care approach. We understand the complex anatomy, nerves, and muscles of the face and offer a comprehensive treatment program that includes evaluation as well as a full range of treatment options. As a team, we strive to educate individuals and maximize facial symmetry.

Facial Paralysis Clinic - Lyford-Pike